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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top 15 Northern Soul tracks about dogs

I was going through my 45 collection and noticed how many soul records I owned that had a dog reference in the title. Other animals also seem to have a prevalent place in the Northern Soul repertoire but the pooch is by far the most popular. The monkey, the duck and the chicken also have a place of choice. It's logical that they all do since dances were named after them.

Maybe it's because it's the man's best friend but the term "dog" was also part of the sixties vernacular. Come to think of it, it still is. It was only replace by the overused "dawg" or the unflattering "bitch". Back then, it sometimes had derogatory connotations or it could just be cool street slang. Whatever the reason, here's my top 15 favorite soul tracks that mention our 4 legged friends.

1) My Wife, My Dog, My Cat - The Maskman & The Agents - Dynamo

2) Baby, Do The Philly Dog - The Olympics - Sparton

Do The Philly Dog came out on Mirwood in 1966 and reached #63 on the charts.

3) Every Dog Got His Day - Eddie Bo - Ric

I have a mint example of this 45 and is probably the most expensive single I own. Worth it? I think so!

4) Dog - Jimmy McCraklin - Minit

5) Dog Eat Dog - Archie Bell & The Drells - Atlantic

6) The Dog - Rufus Thomas - Stax

This single is the lesser known of all the "dog" songs Rufus Thomas came out with. The most popular was Walkin' The Dog that came out in 1963 and reached #10 in the charts. I think maybe he should have changed his name to Roofus.

7) Can Your Monkey Do The Dog - Rufus Thomas

A double whammy with both the monkey and the dog being featured.

8) Monkey Dog - O.V. Wright - Black Beat

Another great monkey / dog hybrid.

9) Ain't Going To Walk Your Dog No More - Otis Williams - OKeh

10) Jerkin' The Dog - Mighty Hannibal - Decca

The video is simply stunning.

11) Poor Dog (Who Can't Wag His Own Tail) - Little Richards - OKeh

12) No Puppy Love - Jackie Paine - Jet Stream

13) Hound Dog - Jeanette Williams - Black Beat

14) Watch The Dog That Brings The Bone - Inez Fox - Volt

Released in 1972, it has a heavy dose of funk.

15) Beware Of The Dog - Georgie Fame - Epic

The only instrumental track that made the list. Good old blue eyed soul.

Did I miss a classic that should of made the list? You tell me...


  1. On the ska side, there's My Collie (Not a Dog) by the Selector.

  2. Oh yeah!
    Jerkin' the dog reprise par Pierre Perpall = Stop! Il faut arrêter! Killer reprise!

  3. @Vente de garage: Oh non! Pas un autre 45 tours que je dois me procurer! Merci pour le tip Félix!

    @wilthomer: Guess where I got the idea to do a top 15. I'll give you a hint: from a brillant blogger...

  4. J'adore Mighty Hannibal! J'aimerais voir un jour une vidéo de "The truth shall sett you free"... Ça existe selon toi?

  5. Bonne question. Je te fais signe si je le trouve.