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Monday, February 28, 2011

The perfect Mod night out

I recently came upon a topic that peaked my interest while scrolling through the discussion forum at "The perfect Mod night out" was the topic in question. It was interesting to read what Mods from across the globe thought about what is the ideal setting for a memorable night.

I expected to read more stories like "Having a pint with Paul Weller" and "Going backstage and hanging out with Pete after an intimate Who concert". The stories were relatively uncomplicated and centered mainly around good friends, good music and a few cold beers. It goes to show how sometimes the simpler things in life are often better.

This was my response:

The perfect Mod night is when I'm behind the turntables! If the music is bad, I know whom to complain too.

Vinyl is the way to go and 45rpm is the speed it should be played at. I am guilty of playing the occasional reissue. Mea Culpa. I don't see myself paying £25,000 for a copy of Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) by Frank Wilson. I sometimes play an LP if the track isn't available as a single.

And I loooooove the feeling of arriving at the club on my Vespa and seeing a bunch of scooters parked in front.

That being said, I didn't know that February 19th 2011 would end up being what I had described a couple of weeks before. All the ingredients were there: cool venue, a great line-up of DJs, a good selection of beer on tap and most importantly, the best friends a guy could wish for. That was the set-up for what would be the best birthday party I ever had. I was going to hit 40 in a big way. The event was a Parka Avenue / Mod Club Montreal collaboration and the place was packed.

It was an incredible feeling to turn your head in any given direction and have a friendly "Faces" smiling back. I felt like I was not a day over 38.

Fifty or so friends had answered the call and I was surrounded by all the people that I love. I'm a lucky guy.

Jonathan, looking as suave as ever
My mate Eric and his lovely wife Jen had even traveled from the States to partake in the festivities. He gave me one the coolest gifts: a pair of monogrammed cufflinks made from typewriting keys.

Speaking of amazing gifts, Lee Modern, the person responsible for letting me spin some wax that night, brought me back a great mix of Caribbean spices from his recent travels to St. Maarten. I had to wait two days to try a blackened tilapia recipe but the wait was worth it.

Eric, Jen, Lee Modern and his fiancé Shareen
My friend Claude was also generous and gave me a limited edition Madness / Ben Sherman polo. Madness and Ben Sherman, two things that I love. Can't see a reason why they shouldn't join forces!

The feeling that I got when I got behind the turntables and saw the dance floor full of my mates dancing their hearts away to the beat of my tracks will be indelibly etched in my mind. My friend Stephane V. described it best when he said: "I don't think I've ever seen Patrick this happy before".

A visit from Gen, more beautiful than Brigitte Bardot
My DJ friends Benjamod, Eric B. and Lee Modern all got us steaming up the place with their great selection of soul favorites, R&B floor fillers and garage classics.

Lee Modern, ready to take over the duties
It was great to have some of my uninitiated friends come up to me and tell me that they had no idea this type of night existed and that the music was amazing. Some vowed to be back. In a show of support, my neighbor Veronique arrived in a very space age white wig and a skirt that would have made Twiggy proud. But nothing beats your compatriots coming up to you and saying that they haven't had this much fun in a while.

Frank, my friend of 23 years, also celebrating his birthday
I was on a natural high for the following 2 days. And that is all thanks to you my friends! I'll leave you with one of the tracks I played that had feet moving and hips shaking. Enjoy!


  1. this is a great blog entry!some great pics as well nice to see the mod culture is alive and well in canada!checkout my blog a few weller,madness,secret affair entries

  2. Je suis très content d'avoir fait parti de cette merveilleuse soirée! En plus, grâce au photos, elle restera inoubliable.
    Merci Patrick!

  3. We had a blast! Cheers and happy birthday again! :)

  4. Excellent set at the controls my man, it was a great night. :)

  5. Wow, I look like a blackened tilapia! Where has my tan gone in one week!?

    It was a great night -- thanks to you and everyone.