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Monday, January 24, 2011

Milestones @ the Mod Club

On the 15th of February, I'll be 40. I started to think about where I would want to celebrate the fact that I would be changing decades. I didn't hesitate too long. It had to be at my second home, the Mod Club.

Mod Club veteran Lee Modern graciously accepted to co-host the event so we can make it a night to remember. A few milestones will be underlined. First, we will raise our glass to the fact that I survived the last 40 years. Two, Parka Avenue will celebrate its 1-year anniversary and finally, we'll toast the 4th year of Montreal's only Mod temple, the Mod Club. Lee Modern and myself will be hitting the decks, spinning your favorite sixties grooves, best soulful tracks and a few British Beat classics. 

Since the last  time I dropped the needle at the club, I have discovered a few floor fillers that I'm eager to share. For instance, take this unexpected cover of the garage classic Wild Thing made popular by The Troggs and remade, with a good infusion of sweet soul,  by one of my favorite sixties acts The Capitols

Few know that The Troggs version, released in 1966, is in itself a cover of a Chip Taylor song originally recorded by Jordan Christopher & The Wild Ones, released 6 months earlier. This is one of the rare instances were I think a cover version easily outshines the original, although the harmonica is quite a nice touch. Apparently The Wild Ones record is very rare. Have a listen at the original 1965 version.

In between sets, you will find me doing the Boogaloo on the dance floor or being teased by a few friends about what an old geaser I am. Some of the regular readers of this blog obviously live too far to travel to Montreal to party the night away but you are all still invited.
For those of you who will be there in spirit only, I have something for you. I'll be burning 5 compilation CDs of some the best tracks that will be played that night. All you need to do is send me a quick email at before Febuary 19th and I'll pick five winners out of my pork pie hat and I'll send you a CD. No skill testing questions for this one!
If you ever decide that you want to join us, then put on your dancing shoes and your sharpest threads and let's make this night a... Milestone!


  1. Thanks a lot for the invitation and....HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!
    Venice (Italy)-Montreal ? Mmmmhhh....

  2. Ha! Ha! Yes, Italy is not exactly around the corner but I wouldn't mind trading spaces for a while! ;)

  3. Dear Patrick,
    I put "Parka Avenue" in my "Beautiful Places"

    Hope you feel good.

  4. Thanks Tarkus! I really appreciate it.


  5. Happy B-Day Patrick! You are only as old as you feel.

  6. Bravo fiston! Nous y serons aussi en coeur et en âme pour fêter le 61.538461538461538% de ton paternel et vivre encore 161.290322580645% de ta maternelle!

    Tes parents favoris qui ont bel et bien vécu les années 60 où leur fiston était une lueur d'espoir qui depuis a dépassé tous ces espoirs!

  7. ...Je vais rater LA soirée de l'année... Je serai à Hull pour le travail... J'aurais pu fêter l'anniversaire de ma femme aussi( elle c'est le 21!), et bien non! Et Bonne fête!!!Amusez-vous bien!!!