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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Britac and Adam of London: New Additions To My Mod Wardrobe

I was looking for something new to wear for my upcoming 40th birthday bash. I can already hear my girlfriend say: "Seriously Pat! You really need an excuse to buy some clothes? You have something new every other week!" Well... I have to admit, I buy my fair share.

But how often do you turn 40, right? The space dedicated to clothes in the loft is slowly getting scarce. I'm responsible for occupying most of that prime real estate. But this is a special occasion that merits some new threads. This is what I tell myself not to feel guilty.

First, I decided to go with my dark navy bespoke 4-button suit. It's either that or my birthday suit. And nobody wants to see me in that! The thing with suits is that unless you have unlimited funds and a walk-in closet, you have to reinvent your look from time to time. A new shirt, tie and pocket scarf can quickly spice things up.

I was contemplating buying a Britac shirt for a while and one of their sharp looking button-down shirts had recently caught my eye. Relatively new to the scene, Britac has adopted sixties inspired chic with nouveau Mod flair. I love when a company knows their roots but at the same time are not afraid to be bold. With bright colors reminiscent of the swinging London of Carnaby Street and vibrant checkered patterns, their shirts make a statement. That is exactly what I needed.

Britac being only distributed in Europe, I had to rely on the web to make my purchase. Sometimes, that's a gamble. In this case, I ended up with exactly what I was hoping for, a good quality shirt that fitted me nicely.  I opted for the light blue button-down, long sleeve shirt with a dark blue contrasting collar and cuffs. The attention to detail we are all used to are present: button on the back of the collar, center back pleat with loop and the subtle embroidered company name on the breast pocket.

I will coordinate the shirt with a new square end, navy knit tie from Adam of London. Knitted ties have always been part of the Mod wardrobe and I don't see them disappearing in the near future. Add to that a nice pair of chelsea boots and you're in business.

I had the chance to visit Adam of London on a vacation to the UK a few summers back and was pleasantly surprised by their stunning suits, vast array of shirts and professional service. Tucked away in the Portobello Market, it's worth  seeking out. Unfortunately, I had attained my clothes quota for the trip (bloody TK Maxx!) and left empty handed. But I always promised myself that I would eventually make a purchased via the web. I was not disappointed and I can guarantee that I will be a repeat customer.

Have a look for yourself:


  1. Funny you should post this Patrick, today the USPS is supposed to deliver a Britac shirt my wife bought motme for Christmas(yes it's just getting here now, the slow boat from Spain I guess!). I'm planning to add an image of it along w/ a $15 pair of desert boots I scored at a local discount chain.

  2. Patrick, Just curious - Do Britac shirts run pretty slim? I'm pondering a purchase and wondering what size to go with. They don't seem to have a size chart ... Thanks!