Living as a Mod in the 21st Century

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Parka Avenue in the newspaper!

I'm very proud to announce that my loft has recently been featured in the "House & Home" section of Quebec City's newspaper Le Soleil. Journalist Laurie Richard contacted me after seeing a recent post about my place on the Apartment Therapy website.

We had a lengthy interview over the phone (it was long simply because I wouldn't shut up). I was asked mainly about the inspiration behind my unique decorating style and the fact that I like to give old objects a second life.

I was surprised when I was asked if could send some photos for the article. I expected a professional photograph to visit me, considering that it was for the decor section of the newspaper. Apparently, asking a photograph to drive two hours from Quebec City to Montreal is too much to ask for. But what if my photos are not up to their standards? And how should I know what they are looking for? What's the angle for the article?

Since I was asked to take the pictures myself, I didn't take any chances. I embarked on a 2 weeklong intensive cleaning operation. My loft was dusted, scrubbed, waxed, vacuumed and disinfected from top to bottom. The dust bunnies behind my fridge and the inside of my cupboards wouldn't be visible in a photo but why risk it! You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

All the chrome or metal in the digs was polished. The teak furniture was meticulously oiled and the 8 feet high windows were thoroughly washed. I guess it's a good thing that I'm a teacher and that I get my summers off. When you have 110 000 people reading the Saturday edition, you want to make sure that your place is spotless. I've always been a neat person but we're talking military clean here. Does "clean living under difficult circumstances" ring a bell?

Again, I'm not a professional photographer. You probably can tell by the photos on this blog. They are decent but not necessarily worthy of a big publication. Anyway, I took the ladder out of storage, waited for the right lighting and did my best. I took a lot more shots than were needed but I figured they could have the pick of the litter.

The final result: 2 weeks of preparation for 2 photos in the paper! It might have been a few shots shy of what I expected but I was content with the way my home was portrayed. The article might be in French but you can have a look at the online version here (with only one photo!)

If you want the full tour of the pad, have a look at my flickr album with a total of 74 photos! It's the result of my 2-week obsession. And I dare you to find a speckle of dust in any of the photos!


  1. Bravo! Mes coup de coeur? Le safe, la patente de dentiste, le lit... etc...etc...mais, ce que j'aime le plus: la rangées de fauteuil de salle d'attente!

  2. Merci pour les gentils mots.

    Petite précision. La rangée de sièges sont en fait des bancs de cinéma des années 70. Même que les sièges se relèvent!

  3. again, i am green with jealousy! :) congratulations Patrick!

  4. whoops that's my fake blogger alias from ages ago. it's eric from vermont.

  5. Ha! Ha! Thanks Eric. You're well on your way to have that dream home too. See you soon in mine!

  6. Well isn't this a nice place? Honestly Pat you have the coolest apartment I've ever seen. I dig the mod lifestyle!

  7. Thanks Ben! And the groovy music that sets the mood and echoes within those walls is, a lot of the time, because of your help.