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Friday, September 17, 2010

Garage Rock at it's best. The Fleshtones live in Montreal

I can't believe I had never seen The Fleshtones live before. They must be one of the most hard working, underrated garage rock bands out there. It's hard to understand why they never got the global recognition like one of their counterparts, The Ramones. But loyal fans they do have.

The thing that sets them apart from so many bands out there is that when you see them live, you're under the impression that they're playing their last gig. This might sound cliché but they do give 110%. They'll give as much on stage in front of 10 people as they would in front of a stadium full and they expect the same from the audience. If the crowd is too quiet, they will let you know by standing there, motionless, with their arms crossed.

I think I can safely say that it was one of the best raw garage rock concerts I have ever seen. It's not everyday that you have the guitarist jump off stage to climb on the bar to do a solo and the singer hand you the mike to finish the song. The concert ended when the whole band played their last song amongst the crowd. Their last few riffs were done on the sidewalk. Now that's a concert!

These guys exemplify the true spirit of the rock attitude. Still skeptical? Check out this video of the concert.

The Fleshtones live in Montreal


  1. Hi Pat,
    Yes the Fleshtones do put on a Hell of a show. Pete Zaremba M.C.'d Cavestomp in NYC back in 99 at Coney Island High. He use to do Cuttuing Edge too.

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  3. Thanks Chaz! I'm glad you crossed Parka Avenue while cruising the information superhighway.

    For those of you who like all matters of cool music, make sure you check out Chaz's blog. A very entertaining read.