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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Having a custom Mod suit made for a wedding

I didn't have a tailored Mod suit made for any wedding. It was actually for MY wedding. And why have only one suit made when you can have two made at the same time, right? I figured that I could have one for the ceremony and another one for the reception. It's not written anywhere in any secret Mod handbook that you need two outfits for your wedding but it was recently added as rule #216 of the Parka Avenue code.

So off I went with a bunch of mates of mine and my future father-in-law to meet with M. Sethinamvong from Prince Henry Tailors to have our measurements taken. To get an idea of what Prince Henry Tailors are all about, you might want to check this earlier post on Having a bespoke Mod suit made.

My mate Jonathan having his first bespoke suit made
My friend Eric and fellow blogger from The Vermodernist followed suit
Every time I have one made, I try to improve on my previous design just like the original Mods from the 60s would often do. I was ready to go the extra mile and have some unique features and details added. First, I had to decide on the color. I thought that a more conservative light grey would be appropriate for the ceremony and a funkier color palette would be acceptable for the evening festivities. I had my eye on a really bold and wild blue color until I saw my future mother-in-law's reaction when I showed her. Her face said it all. It's when she politely said: "You know Patrick, it's your choice" that I reconsidered. So I went with a slightly less audacious burgundy color. It wasn't as adventurous but it would still make a statement.

Crucial decisions to make
Most of my suit jackets are of the 4-button kind because you simply don't see them as often. For this occasion, I took the more traditional route with a 3-button jacket. I had the buttons covered for that extra Mod touch.

Most off-the-peg jackets these days usually don't have working cuffs. I thought it was one detail I wasn't going to let slip by.

The back of the jacket's collar was inspired but some of DNA Groove's stunning dress shirts. The downward point was also added to match the shirts I had made specifically to go with these jackets. A detail that his certainly not commonly seen but I'm sure a true Mod fashion aficionado would appreciate.

Another elaborate feature that might be out of the ordinary is the tapered "step" pant leg with decorative button. The 60s Mod would sometimes add these types of details simply to have something different and innovative. In this case, I simply think that it's a wonderful way to accentuate the boots or the shoes without the trousers being too short.

All the traditional features associated with the Mod suit were part of the overall look: narrow lapels, short jacket, slanted ticket pocket with flap, etc. To complete the look, I had a matching narrow silk tie and pocket square made at the same time. A new pair of Loake Chelsea boots was also in order. With an elegant watch, nice pair a vintage cufflinks and tie clip, the picture was complete.

To give you an idea of the intricate details that went into the suit, have a look at this video that was inspired by a Ross Jardine short film I saw on Youtube called Maximum Mod. My accomplice Veronique and I shot this on your basic digital camera, all in 2 days. I did the editing on my Mac in a couple of hours, a few days before the wedding. Let’s face it, it’s not professional by any stretch of the imagination but considering I had never edited a film before and wasn’t even familiar with the software, I’m very content with the outcome.

The film was shown right before my big entrance at the ceremony. The premise is simple. My dog Jedi comes up to me and warns me “Lassie style” that I’m going to be late for the wedding. And in true Mod fashion, I get ready while listening to the sweet sounds of Booker T and the MG’s Green Onions. Then it’s off to the ceremony by foot with Edwin Starr’s 25 Miles to Go as the soundtrack.

It was also meant as an ode to our fair city, Montreal. You’ll get a quick glimpse at some of downtown's most iconic spots like Chinatown, Palais des Congrès, City Hall, Old Montreal, Habitat ’67, the Atwater Market and the Lachine Canal. The final destination being, of course, La Vieille Brasserie, where the guests were awaiting my arrival...

Curious about the bride's dress? Coming up real soon...


  1. Well done! I did the same 5 years ago and had a suit made for my wedding too!

  2. I have to wait to see the video at home, but let me just say you opened my mind to a new detail.

    The downward point on the back of the jacket collar...SLAM! FOR THE WIN!

    Great post and now you got me itchin' so save some money for a new suit!

  3. Congrats! I really enjoyed reading this and 25 Miles to Go is one of my favorite tunes! Those pants are fantastic!
    The Mod in my life is too married to himself and has not asked me yet, maybe one day :-P! I hope he does because I have so many brilliant ideas for our wedding. Top of the list is a caravan of Vespas! Maybe if he knew he got a new suit out of the deal he would jump to it! Ha!

  4. great post, love the haircuts

  5. hello mate, I recently got in to the whole mod thing and Im a big fan of Small faces and The Jam etc. I was wondering if u could give me any tips of some good brands/websites. Im 15 and live in Sweden and there arent really any mod-shops over here.

  6. To the newly converted. Welcome to the In-Crowd!

    Here are a few Mod friendly websites that are some of my favorites.

    Hope this helps. Cheers.

  7. Have you ordered anything from
    thinking about ordering a m51 parka from there, if thats a total rip-off I would appreciate if u told me mate

  8. I've never ordered from Sherry's online but I did visit the shop just off Canarby Street a few years ago.

    It's tiny but packed. It has some commercial "tourist" stuff but they also have some very nice items. I was considering buying a boating blazer but it was pretty expensive.I don't remember seing parkas.

    You can also check but they are crazy expensive. Your best bet might be eBay.

    Good luck!

  9. hi, you might like to try VINTAGE TRENDS .COM for a parka, there an american site, and sell m51's and m65 parkas, much cheaper than anywhere ive seen so far...sherrys are very poor quality, as is merc, there ok for some things but avoid em if you can...jump the gun are far better, as is adams of london, which are superb...dna groove are also top notch...hope this helps, and welcome to the hippest scene around.
    paul (uk)

  10. btw, great detailing on the suit etc patrick, just spoke to you on MODGENERATION, and got to echo modmale's comment, that downward slant on the collar is as cool as... will no doubt be copied for sure..nice touch.

    cheers paul.

  11. I have my bespoke suits made for me by a tailor in London, and excellent value they are too! Never having had the privilege of being fitted for a Savile Row suit I cannot compare but I must say my suits do make me feel special, the ladies notice it as well, or is it me

  12. Today's grooms take their weddings seriously and whilst they wouldn't want to outshine the bride, they understand the importance of getting the right look to reflect their personality and embrace the style and theme of the happy occasion.