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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mod On The Road: I Left My Soul In Washington, DC

Who would have thought that a Latin American restaurant named Haydee's would be the place to go to dance to some steamy 60s Soul, gritty RnB and hot early Reggae in the Nation's capital? I'm always amazed that the most unlikely of places can pack a dance floor and bring a lively crowd into a frenzy. That's what the monthly TNT night will do to you.

And it's not like the place is in the middle of a busy neighbourhood bustling with activity, tourist attractions, other bars and restaurants. Somehow, my mates Michael and Manolo, turned this corner restaurant into one of the most exciting places I ever had the pleasure of spinning. 

Not only is the crowd sizzling and fiery but the food is too! I regretted having had a bite to eat before showing up to DJ because the menu was so tantalizing. "Don't worry Patrick" said Manolo, "we all grab some food at the end of night. You can have anything you want. It's on us." He didn't have to tell me twice! This is the only place where I got to DJ to a wonderful and receptive crowd and eat a mouth watering chicken quesadillas at the same time. And don't get me started on the sangria!

I also had the pleasure to share the decks with Alyssa aka Baby Alcatraz. She sure knows how to keep feet moving! I found that we had quite similar musical tastes. In fact, there were a few tunes I had to strike from my own set because she beat me to the punch!

This goes for my host Manolo too! His early reggae, ska and boogaloo set was a welcomed change of pace.

Manolo doing his thing.

I'm still baffled at how you can play a complete set of your rarest grooves to a packed place where  there's Friends playing on a giant screen, the Christmas tree is still up but the crowd is there to party.

I also had the distinct pleasure to meet my mate David, a long time reader of this very blog. We had  been corresponding for a while and it was great to finally put a face to a name. If any of you ever wonder why I write this blog. This is it. I get to meet some classy, friendly people because of it.

I wish there was a secret formula to how to make a 60s night successful. If there is, Michael and Manolo have found it. If they will have me again, I won't hesitate a second to jump in my car and make the 10 hour drive all over.

For a sample of my set, click here for Episode 15 of the Parka Avenue Podcast.

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