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Friday, April 5, 2013

A Mod's Shopping Guide To Las Vegas - Part II

In Part I of A Mod's Shopping Guide To Las Vegas, records and clothes were the main focus. It was geared towards the budget minded Mod that wants to bring back a memento or two from his Vegas vacation. In this post, unless you have deep pockets or have made a killing at the black jack table, we will instead collectively dream upon gazing at some photos of furniture and accessories we wish we could afford or more importantly manage to bring back in our suitcase.

Even if Las Vegas is not meant to be seen by foot, the Downtown Arts District has a vast array of antique shops within walking distance.You can buy everything a Mod needs to decorate his space age pad.

By far my favorite has to be Retro Vegas. A quick look at these photos, you'll understand why.

For the Star Trek look

A few steps down the street is the Corner Store, a place where modern furnishings rub elbows with a few vintage pieces. In need of a Arne Jacobsen reproduction Egg chair? You'll find it there. With "bespoke" painted  on the wall and a couple of cool modern paintings of arrows, it has the potential to attract a few vacationing Mods.

Across the road is Medusa's Antiques. It's worth walking in just to have a look at the Sammy Davis Jr. custom made shirt.

While you're there, go to the back of the shop where you'll find a tiki room full of goodies. You'll have everything you need for your next luau party: records, tiki mugs, shakers.

Some of you might know that every time I go on a trip, I like to bring back a piece of art. This escapade was no exception. In this room I found some out of sight art by Derek. Although not a Las Vegas native, this Atlanta, Georgia artist had some groovy pieces on display. I flipped my wig when I eyeballed this far-out four color silk screened serigraph entitled Wail On. With a limited run of only 70, I had to put my paws on it man!

To bad this one wasn't for sale. You dig?

A few doors down is JJC Clocks & Antiques. Once you have passed the room full of clocks (enough to make you coo coo!) you might find something that floats your boat. In fact, in the back room there was a rough looking Vespa GS150 with some eye catching authentic accessories bolted on. My mate Eric passed right in front of it and didn't even see it!

A short stroll down Main St. and you'll come across the Vintage Vegas Antique Mall. Just ignore the poor-excuse-for-a-scooter 80s Honda Spree near the entrance and go right in. This might be a good spot to buy a souvenir. You'll find kitschy vintage Las Vegas knick-knacks that won't leave you penniless.

Off Main Street, at 10 W Wyoming Ave is Sin City Pickers. Loads of stalls for you to roam through.

If you feel like taking a long walk, you might want to hop over to the Las Vegas Boulevard near the infamous Pawn Stars headquarters (don't bother going in, it's a waste of time). Their neighbors, on the other hand, might be worth checking out. One thing's for sure, you can't miss Lost Vegas Antiques.

Straight across the street is Swag Antiques.

After a few hours of intense shopping, time to head over to Las Vegas' best kept secret for a well-deserve respite. A short brisk walk from Antique Alley is Frankies Tiki Room. Now, this place is a must. Don't argue with me. Don't give me any excuses. Don't come up with your "I got drunk last night and just the thought of alcohol makes me nauseous" routine. Just go!

Places like this are getting harder to find. You know, the type of place we end up calling an "institution". I don't recommend it to an alcoholic because the glasses are tall and the drinks are strong. There's even a system of skulls on the cocktail menu to indicate how stiff your libation is. If you want to immerse yourself in a retro tiki kitsch vibe and that you see velvet paintings as genuine art then you'll go bunkers for this joint. The mix of 50s and 60s surf, garage and exotica music will make you want to savor your Wild Watusi and stay for as long as you possibly can.

Beware of the Tiki Gods or you'll die, die, die!
Eric, the cool cat.
The Tiki with a pair of aces, my new best friend.
Like most places in Sin City, they serve cocktails all around the clock. And with the place being so dark (and when I say dark, I mean DARK!)  you'll loose any sense of time and space. It's the Twilight Zone of tiki bars! 

The best part about this bamboo lounge is that for a nominal fee, you get to leave with your tiki mug. I can't think of a better souvenir! Word to the wise, leave your scooter at home. The taxi driver will soon be your best friend.

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