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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Buying Soul 45s in Chicago

What happens when you put a dozen Mod DJs, a few record collecting nuts and some 60s music aficionados all in one room, that are ready to buy, sell, trade and swap records? A mighty good time, let me tell you! Plus, you get an incredible opportunity to find some smokin’ deals!

This is the precise scenario of what happened on the traditional Saturday afternoon MODchicago record swap that was held at Favorite Records. I had brought my own little box of French Canadian goodies that I knew would interest some of my compatriots. 

DJ Derek See record diggin' with the concentration of a Buddhist monk
Although about half my records found new deserving homes, I didn’t come back with a lighter suitcase. It was quite the opposite actually. I came out like a bandit and found some killer Soul. What is great about dealing with friends is that they slowly start to know your style, your taste in music and what floats your boat. They then start handing you records and phrases like “Listen to this Pat, you’ll like this for sure!” and “Do you have this? Oh man, you NEED this!” gets tossed around pretty often.

DJ Amanda Otto with her angelic smile
Lets be realistic for a second, when DJs congregate at a record swap, they are not there to sell off the best records of their collection BUT they won’t bring crap either. The old time saying “someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure” does apply perfectly here.

DJ Bossy Boots and Midnite Cowbwoy
So I’m more then happy with what I put my hands on here. I found some Soul that is made for the dance floor at a more then reasonable price. Here’s a good sample of what I left with. 

I Can't Turn Her Loose - Sam Baker - Sound Stage 7
Go-Go Girls - Lee Rodgers - D-Town
Get Set, Be Ready - The Auditions - Freckless
My Lucky Day - Frankie Newsom & The Soul Invaders - GWP
Don't Mess With My Lovemaker (Part I) - Frankie Newsome - Savern

Plastic Saddle - Joe Dossett And The Chattanooga Coachmen - Mercury
Boo-Ga-Loo Baby - Tommy & Cleve - Checker
African Boo-Ga-Loo - Jackie Lee - Keymen
(Papa Chew) Do The Boo-Ga-Loo - Tom & Jerroo - Jerry-O
People Sure Act Funny - Lucius Lawton - Laurie
You're Doing Something Awfully Good - Jackye Owens - Groovy

I Can't Use You Girl - The Vanguards - Whiz
Save The People - The Creations - Virtue
The Cold Letter - The Soul Shakers - Loma
Say I Do - Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins - Brunswick
A Good Man Is Hard To Find - Roy Head - Black Beat
I Can't Stop Loving You Baby - Linda Jones - Loma

Love In Them There Hills - The Vibrations - OKeh
The Truth - Aesop's Fables - Atco
Flowers On The Table - Bobby Merritt - Musicor
Take All - Lloyd Price - Jad
Hook It To The Mule - Fred Toyles & The Jacksonians - Way Out
Ain't My Stuff Good Enough - The Mirettes - Zea

Pain - Micheal's Mystics - Charlie
I Can't Stand It - Pacific Ocean - VMC
Little Bitty Pretty One - Popular Five - Minit
Lovin' Machine - Rodge Martin - Bragg

My mate, DJ Laurent Réus, a record dealer by trade, had also brought some desirable European gems that I simply couldn't let pass. You have to love those French picture sleeves!

Le Responsable EP - Jacques Dutronc - Vogue

Like we Used To Be - Georgie Flame & The Blue Flames - Colombia
Ne T'en Va Pas (Comin' Home Baby) EP - Sylvie Vartan - RCA Victor
The Lonely One - Tom Jones - Decca

If you want add to your own 45rpm record collection, it's all possible to do it online. Laurent will ship worldwide and all you have to do is hop over to his website at Revolver Records.

For more great deals, have a look at my man Eric Colin's eBay store here. He sells on a regular basis  and all his records have sound files. I dare you to find something that won't get those feet tapping!


  1. Sadly Favorite records has closed its doors, just this past Sept. i really liked the personal touch they offered anyone who was looking for music there. nice post thanks from the chi!