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Thursday, May 17, 2012

You could own this Mod pad

My friend Stéphane isn’t a Mod. He doesn’t ride a scooter. He is not a huge fan of Soul or Beat music and I’ve never seen him wear a tie. But by looking at his incredible loft, it would be easy to think otherwise. One thing is certain. He has great taste and an impeccable sense of style. Plus, he’s a really nice guy.

I met him years ago, before he became my neighbor and friend.  He sells mid-century modern furniture, retro collectibles, vintage accessories and all that other cool stuff. Over the years, I must have bought him 15 major pieces. One of them was featured in an earlier post.

I have to be honest. I would rather keep his business a secret. I prefer keeping all the good stuff to myself but since he has been so good to me over the years, I think it’s time to let everyone know. He just started a new venture called Retro Mobile. He will post pictures of his new finds on his Facebook page and if you live in the Montreal area and you are interested in a piece, he’ll put it in his truck and go and show it to you. How’s that for service? He has shipped items by mail before, so all you UK and US readers out there, there is hope.

His loft is situated in the famous Viau cookie factory, built in 1906. And no, before you ask, it didn’t smell like chocolate or vanilla when he first moved in. As luck would have it, it’s for sale!

Marvel at the sight of the 13’ high ceilings, exposed brick and original wood columns. And it could all be yours!

This fine example of a Braun SK 4 Stereo, designed by Dieter Rams, also known as Snow White's coffin, is not for sale. And if it was, I would be the first one on the list to buy it.

Do you picture yourself in this loft, martini in hand, Jimmy Smith playing in the background? It's only a phone call away.

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