Living as a Mod in the 21st Century

Monday, February 6, 2012

Parka Avenue is 2 years old!

Just like last year’s post, these next few paragraphs are meant to thank all the great people who have contributed and inspired me in making this labor of love a reality. Let the love fest commence!

First, let me start by saluting a few of my favorite “rival” blogs. To the new kid on the block, Mod Male, keep up the great work. You are a true inspiration. I’m always amazed at how similar our views are on a lot of things. Anorak Things, I’m continually impressed by your vast knowledge of music. Keep it up! The Vermodernist is the underdog of all Mod friendly blogs. Writing about all things vintage from a small town in Vermont, USA is quite a feat. I salute you Jen and Eric.

The Mod Generation might not be a blog but it is certainly one the most comprehensive websites about our beloved scene. Stephen Hughes is continually improving upon it and the people that visit the forums are class acts. A special shout out to the Twitter Mod Collective (#twittermodcollective), you contribute to keeping the scene alive.

I have a special thought for all my fellow DJs from home and abroad. One of last year’s highlights was, without a doubt, MODchicago’s Our Way of Thinking weekender. I had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with some of the best wax spinners this side of the Atlantic: Dave Monroe,  Brian E Harris,  Amanda Otto, Dan Melendez, Moe Madness and PsychedAlex.  It was a great opportunity to meet some of the great DJs from Europe, Dante Fontana and Laurent Réus. This wouldn’t be possible without our beloved ringleader Sir Eric Colin. Hope to see you again in 2012 my friend. And Suzy Q, we have to share the bill some day!

My trip to Boston also permitted me to rub elbows with some of the best soul DJs around. Ty Jesso is certainly at the top of that list in my book. And thanks to PJ Gray and Sean Quinn, the Soulelujah night will remain a shinning beacon. I have to thank the Boston contingent consisting of Dandy Dan, Catherine, Eric P, Elker and Allison for making me feel part of the club.

Our small but loyal scene is also why I keep this blog going. To my DJ friends Papa Bill, Lee Modern, Toby, Eric B., Oliver Twist, Daniel Fiocco, Michel Alario, Mimi la Twisteuse, Sébastien Desrosiers, Aaron Maiden, Alex DJMagnificient Edwards, Scott Birksted and Flipped Out Phil, I hope we get to lay down some more groovy tracks together in the near future. 

DJ Papa Bill
Sebastien Desrosiers from the great French radio show Mondo PQ and the blog of the same name
Daniel Fiocco aka Napoleon 67 and I spinning at the Bubble Beat New Years Eve party

Aaron Maiden from CKUT's Roots Rock Rebel radio show
To all those in need of a good dose of 60s music on a Thursday night, the Korova is the place to be. You’ll find my mate Trevor aka Tinsoldierman manning the decks on a regular basis at the Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches.

Heartfelt and sincere gratitude goes to Gilles, Martin and Julie from the Atomic Café for letting me host the new monthly Modtreal night. 

I always wanted to start a night where you would only play the most obscure 60s tracks at a speed of 45rpm and people came for that reason. The Atomic Café is giving me this opportunity and I hope I won’t disappoint.

2011 has been a busy year for our local Mod bands, Kid Sentiment and the Chelsea Beat both came out with great albums. The Kid Sentiment Power Pop gem is available for download on iTunes

Le Chelsea Beat went the extra mile and put their LP out on vinyl. You want the perfect mix of Mod, Psych, Beat and Freakbeat with a French touch all mixed into one? You'll find it here

To Scootart, our one and only vintage scooter shop in town, I had the pleasure of visiting you a few times this year and you really have made my life easier. Plus, you have introduced me to my mate Dominic.

Caroline and Dominic, proud owner of a newly restored 1972 Vespa Rally 180 from Scootart
And finally to all of you readers, I truly value your support. As a small show of  my appreciation, I decided to organize a little raffle. Up for grabs is a small MP3 player filled with some of my favorite Northern Soul, RnB, Beat, Garage, Yé-Yé, and Psych tracks from the past year. You’ll find the entire Top 10 Northern Soul and Garage tunes from my two previous posts.

To enter is as easy as yelling We Are The Mods . All you have to do is share with us your favorite 60s song in the comment section below. You’ll get an extra chance of winning if you Like the Parka Avenue page or share this post on Facebook. I will gather all of your names and toss them in the ol’ pork pie hat. The contest ends in exactly a month. Good luck!


  1. Draggin' The Line by Tommy James And The Shondells, definitely!!

  2. well done Pat - keep up the good work!


  3. Excellent post and happy anniversary! Very honored to get a mention and I must say that I both love and hate your site. I hate it because you are always 3 steps ahead of me! But it's true... great minds...

    Keep up the great work. Also, a shout out to the Mod Forums on Mod Generation!

  4. Félicitations Patrick! On trouvera le moyen de te réinviter dans nos nouveaux studios! Longue vie à Parka Avenue! ; ))


  6. Only ONE song? It's tall order...
    I choose "007 (Shanty Town)" Desmond Dekker.
    Happy Anniversary!

  7. It can only be one tune "EDWIN STARR 25 MILES" Keep up the great work.

  8. The grand winner of the Parka Avenue 2nd anniversary contest is Dominic Chevrier. He will soon receive a compact MP3 player filled with the best 60s gems personnaly selected by DJ Parka Pat.

    Thank you to all who left a comment on the blog, shared a blog post on Facebook or "liked" the Parka Avenue fan page during the last month.