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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top Ten Garage Parka Avenue favorites

Coming up with only 10 Garage records as my favorite purchases for 2011 was quite a challenge. Just like in the previous post, I acquired those precious little vinyl discs from a variety of sources: the Internet, friends, shops, record conventions, my travels, etc. I have to say that I’m not big on compilations. The Pebbles, Nuggets and Back From The Grave compilations might be a great way to discover those forgotten gems but I rather simply stumble upon them by accident. This is the case for most of the 10 tracks that follow.

1) 1-2-5 – The Haunted – Quality

This is the score of the year. This sought-after Garage classic from my hometown of Montreal was found in near mint condition at a flea market for a mere 2$. The seller told me it came from a jukebox. From what I can see, it wasn’t very popular. The first pressing of the single has the band's name misprinted as The Hunted. Surprisingly, the correctly labelled record is now harder to find.

2) I Need You Baby - The Bohemians – Blue Jeans

The Bohemians were another local band that have been known to open for The Haunted. Only 500 copies were pressed of their only single with 100 copies going to friends and family. It might be in a bit of a rough shape but it’s very hard to find and well worth the dollar I paid for it. If you ever come across a record on the Canadian Blue Jean record label, just buy it.

3) Crazy Things – The Quid

The hunt for rare Canadian Garage 45s has definitely been good this year. Case in point, this group from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I sometimes forget how much good stuff has come out of this country.

4) Who Dat – The Jury - Port

I have to thank my Record Pimp Ben for this one. This is a rare example of an American pressing of another smashing band from Winnipeg. You want fuzz? You got fuzz!

5) Give Me Lovin’ – Great Scots – Epic

Why stop now with the Canadian 60s scene? I have to thank my friend Felix for selling me this prestine example of this 45 from a band from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

6) Just a Little Bit of Oh Yeah – Martin Martin – RCA Victor

Yet  another example of Canadian talent with this French Quebec artist. He was also known as Martin Hill, Billy and Billy Blue. There is also a very rare version of this song in French. If you are fluent in French, have a look at my friend Felix’s great blog post about this elusive man.

7) She’s Mine - The Children of Darkness – Royce

This made a bit of a dent in the wallet but I have no regrets because this is a real 2-sider. In fact, the B-side is my favorite. How can you not love a song titled Sugar Shack A Go-Go? It reminds me of home.

8) Hay Girl – Chyld –  Warner Bros.

To continue with the children theme, this is another killer 2-sider from this Ohio band. I was very glad to put my hands on this perfect promo copy.

9) Stop And Listen - The Shag – Capitol

This 1967 stomping, fuzz infused Garage goodness is said to be one of the first anti-drug rock songs to be recorded. All I know is that I'm ready for another dose of The Shag!

 10) Don’t Want To Cry – The Buckinghams

This is the Chicago based band's second single, released in 1966.  A lot harder to find then their first hit Kind of a Drag and definitely one of their best.  This baby came from my buddy record collector and DJ extraordinaire Ty Jesso. Thank you brother!

The pickin’ Gods were good to me last year. Let’s just hope 2012 is half as good as 2011 was.


  1. Très bonne sélection Patrick! Vraiment, encore la preuve que tu as du goût sut toute la ligne.
    Quelques précision, le misprint des Haunted, c'est Hunted.
    Pour les compiles comme Pebbles ou Nuggets, tu as peut-être raison et aussi sur le fait que l'on peut trouver quelques 45t qui y sont dessus. Par contre Back from the grave est une série essentiel a tous fans de 60s punk. Les chances de trouver, même sur Ebay, des exemplaires des 45t qui y figure, sont très minces. Sur Ebay, il y en a qui passent, mais avec un gros prix de vente. Il y a des disques sur BFTG qui existe en si petite quantité que l'on peux les compter sur les doigts d'une main; ok de deux mains. Donc bonne chance pour tomber dessus, mais on ne sait jamais...

    1. Tu marques quelques bons points Michel. Premièrement, merci pour la correction. Tu as tout à fait raison, c'est bien The Hunted.

      Pour ce qui est des compilations, comme tu le sais très bien, je suis plutôt un amateur de 45 tours avant tout. Mais ton arguement est tout à fait valide. Il y a des titres que je ne croiserai probablement jamais. Je risque alors de me tourner vers des CD. Je reste tout de même surpris que certaines de ces compilations sont maintenant très "collectable" et vont chercher des prix surprenants.

      En passant, savais-tu que la pièces des Children of Darkness est sur Back From The Grave #2 ?

  2. Oui je le savais et bravo d'en avoir eu un exemplaire :) Et moi aussi je suis un grand amateur de 45t, mais je suis un amateur de musique avant tout! Donc, personnellement, j'aime mieux avoir les compiles Lp pour apprécier la musique a la maison que d'attendre un jour de l'avoir en 45t pour l'écouter. Mais ça dépend toujours de la raison pour laquelle on achète des disques?

  3. Great stuff Patrick!! My one the hell did you manage to pick 10? All of my "Top ten's" wind up being part one, part two etc. Well done!!

    1. I hear you brother! It wasn't easy, believe me!