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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Preparing a Mod wedding

Did I marry the right lady or what? I can’t say that my beautiful wife has ever been a Mod but when she suggested we have a target on the top of our wedding cake and a Vespa beside the  tiny  bride and groom, I knew that I was going to wed the perfect girl for me.

I wasn’t planning on having Mod nuptials but when she opened the door, who was I to say no to the bride? In fact, after my unconventional proposal (expect a future post on that story), I was prepared to say yes to all of her demands.

I noticed that she started doing Google searches with  “Mod”, “Vintage”, “Retro” and “Wedding” often being used in the search bar. You might find it hard to believe but I didn’t pull in any favors for this one. Yes folks, she is that wonderful! So we settled for a retro themed wedding. One thing we both agreed on is that we didn’t want a dressing up, costume party. We all know how a medieval or civil war type wedding can sometimes turn tacky and into a mockery. If you’re going down that road, you better make sure that all your guests are into it.

That’s why we didn’t put any restrictions on the dress code. We still wanted it to be Mod-ern. The personal twist we added was that we wanted the guests to feel like they were coming to a rock concert and that we were the main event. Both being huge music lovers, it suited us to a T. Plus we had planned to have 3 live acts play at the celebration. Simply put, music was going to take center stage.

I am proud to say that I designed our wedding invitations. Inspired by a 60s concert ticket, guests were invited to send the stub back as their RSVP. On the back, the "disclaimer" informed our guests of the different formalities. You could read such useful information as: "The use of cameras, audio or video recording devices are strictly encouraged. The management reserves the right to ask for doubles."

At the same time, I came up with a logo. Every star duo has one, right? It was going to be used mainly on our guest's favors. As I was working on its simple design, I realized that my wedding date was the 9-10-11. Now I have absolutely no excuse for ever forgetting my wedding anniversary!
I also commissioned a poster from a very talented American artist friend of mine. Ashlea did an absolute fantastic psychedelic / mod masterpiece of Nikki and I ridding a Vespa. My wife's resemblance is uncanny. But the real feat is when Ashlea actually succeeded in rendering me attractive. Now that takes a truly skilled artist! Bravo!

We had a 24' X 36' version printed on foam board and a few smaller versions to scater around.
Although getting married is stressful, the preparations went pretty smoothly, a testament to our relationship. The next step was to have my wedding suit done. But I don't consider that a task. That's just fun! Read all about it in the next post...


  1. Congratulations and the best of wishes to you both, and from what I've read of you I'm quite certain you had a cool bespoke suit made for the occasion!!

  2. You reading my mind my friend! I not only had a suit made but 2! Stay tuned!

  3. Congratulations Patrick! Can we expect any new little mods on the scene?

  4. Thanks Stephen. Let me just say that it's in the realm of possibilities...

  5. Wait, how did I miss this? HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I totally agree with you guys… we didn't want to have a dressing up, costume Mod wedding either. It was too special of a day for that.

    But I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness! I hope, and it sounds like, the day went off perfectly!

  6. Thanks! And congratulations are in order for you also!

    To all Parka Avenue readers, have a look at the great Mod Male blog for more posts about Mods tying the knot.