Living as a Mod in the 21st Century

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WARNING: Northern Soul and 60s Garage spotted at Goner Records in Memphis

Established in the hip college neighborhood of Cooper-Young, Goner Records has much to offer the traveling Mod. 
The trendy Cooper-Young neighborhood

With plenty of rows of 45s to flip through, it's a true audiophile's playground. With a certain predisposition towards the college crowd (some neo-punk was blaring through the speakers when I walked in), there's something for everyone. Again, Memphis based Stax was well represented.

Now, if you are looking for the "crate diggin'" experience this is not the place for you, quite the opposite. Everything is well organized, expertly labeled and appropriately priced. Don't expect to find the Holy Grail of all Mod records for a buck but you are guaranteed to leave with few fairly priced killer tracks. Again, don't forget to ask if you can have a peak at the secret stash behind the counter and see how it feels to hold a 200$ unmolested copy of an unknown 60s southern garage band.

What I enjoyed the most about the place is how a lot of the 45s are precisely labeled by musical inclination and accurately graded. This might be time consuming for the employees but what a joy for the consumer! I bought quite a few stunning records that I wouldn't of considered if it wasn't for the description on the paper sleeve.

Add to that Joe, a friendly staff member who let me browse past closing time without even saying a word. Wow! How often do you see that? Most importantly, I left with some smashing tracks and groovy tunes.

Have a listen.

The Sweet Bippies - Love, Anyway You Want It - AM Records

Sight And Sound - Alley, Alley - Fontana Records

The Sensational Epics - It's A Gass - Cameo Records

Willie And The Red Rubber Band - Chicky-Chicky Boom Boom - RCA Records


  1. My Ottawa friends, the White Wires are on Goner Records :P

  2. Interesting... I didn't know there's a record shop AND a record label by that name.

    And those Whites Wires... That's good ol' Canadian rock! Me like!

  3. You should make it to their festival in september.