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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Parka Avenue is 1 year old!

In the blogosphere, 1 year is nothing. So I'm not here to toot my own Fiamm scooter horn. But it is time for me to stop and reflect on the past year. For one, I wasn't sure if I would get this far but I'm glad I did. Judging from the number of readers steadily growing month after month, you can't help but be grateful.

When you write about a subject that people are so passionate about, you simply can't please everyone. When there simply isn't a standard definition of what is "Mod", you are bound to have critics. I don't see it as a point of contention but as a reason to bring a bunch of people with similar taste together, a platform to exchange ideas and form bounds. Besides, I don't pretend to know everything.

What I do know is that what this blog has brought me in the last year, far outweighs any of the negative comments. So when people ask me why I spend so much time and energy on what is basically a very public diary, this is what I tell them. Are you ready to hear the big secret? Parka Avenue is just an excuse to get in touch with amazing people from across the globe. So here you have it my friends, the hepcat is out of the bag!

Some of you I got to meet in person and became friends with. Others I hope to meet one day, a pint in hand. So this post is to thank you all personally.

First, I have to thank Eve Martel. She's the one who inspired and encouraged me to start. She's my soul sister, a veteran blogger and a very successful one at that. She's also responsible for coming up with the great Parka Avenue name.

A big shout out to the Montreal Originals and the Montreal Northern Soul Society: Frank, Steph V-Ginger, Julie, Steve, Charles, Chai, Magdalena, Claude and J-F. You guys always have my back.

A couple of my mates are in front but the rest have my back.

A huge thanks to Andre Desilets and the Skatton Club. You have given us countless hours of great music and entertainment. I am honored to be part of the Skatton Family. As Andre would say: "Dance & Dream my friends!"

A special thank you to Lee Modern, Shareen and Toby from the Mod Club Montreal. You have given me a second home. I truly enjoy every minute I spend with you and appreciate every time you let me behind the turntables.

Lee Modern and Parka Pat
A tip of the pork pie to Kier-La and David from Blue Sunshine, the best alternative movie theatre around. You have unearthed some true 60s gems on film for us. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to doing a Parka Avenue / Blue Sunshine collaboration in the near future.

A bump of the fist to the bands Le Chelsea Beat, Kid Sentiment, The Ray and The Outfit. You are keeping the Mod scene alive in Montreal. I see a lot of future nights in your company. I also hope to have many more conversations with Daniel Fiocco, Stephane Courval, Eric Boulanger and Christophe Schmitt. You are true gentlemen.

To Stephane Plante, Michel Alario, Eric Hauser, I see myself being friends with you for a long time. This blog is directly responsible for us meeting. We seem to have so many things in common it's scary. Speaking of this blog being the reason why we met, a warm salutation to Pierre Vaillancourt. Hope to see more of you in 2011. As for Sir Eric Colin, the best Mod DJ in Chicago, I hope I'll get a chance to give you a tour of my fair city sometime this year. To Alex and Scott in Ottawa, I hope I get to see you spin some wax very soon.

To Ben Shulman, my record pimp, you know more at 18 about music then I will ever know in a lifetime. You are responsible for most of the 45s I have in my collection and for my bank account being empty. Keep them coming my friend! Speaking of music oficionados, I enjoy every chance I get to exchange with Fraser Loveman of the 60s group The Modbeats.

Next are my virtual mates that I hope I will get to meet in the flesh one day. First is Ger O'Connell. He has the best scooter collection I have ever seen! We seem to see eye to eye on a lot of things, from scooters to fashion. He's very generous with his time and has helped me on numerous occasions.  A firm salute to Stephen Hughes and the whole Mod Generation community, one of the best Mod sites around. I learn so much from this bunch of dedicated modernists. To Erich from Nashville, we have to continue representing North America proudly.

A raise of the glass to David Smith who has the best Northern Soul, Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae podcast on the net. I never miss a show and you make walking the dog in the freezing Canadian weather an enjoyable experience. I'm sure that Dave will agree that the Twitter Mod Collective also needs an acknowledgement. Keep the faith!

Finaly, to my fellow bloggers, keep up the good work. You are a source of inspiration. For those of you who want to read quality mod friendly blogs, have a look at these.

Wilthomer's Anorak Things - 60's Music, Fashion & Beyond! Well... the title says it all.

Félix's great blog on 60s Quebec Garage. It might be in French but the music clips are universal.

Last but not least, a warm thank you to my Nikki. You have read every single word of this blog and  I appreciate your loving support.

Nikki and Steve behind me, watching my back.
This might of been a long post but it was necessary. I hope the next year will be as fulfilling...


  1. Bravo! Et franchement, un réel plaisir d'avoir fait ta connaissance, j'ai hâte à la prochaine fois! Et pour ceux qui en doutais, MOD ne rime pas avec fermeture d'esprit!

  2. Thanks Patrick!

    You can hear some excerpts from Rocksteady Soul / Meltin' Pot as I put them up on Soundclound,

  3. Sweet post my friend. Keep sharing, we much enjoy reading you.

  4. Patrick,
    Thanks! Parka Avenue is very cool, keep up the good work! I will try my best.

  5. Bon anniversaire Parka Avenue!
    Continue comme ça mon cher Patrick. Ça prend des gens comme toi pour que la flamme reste allumée.
    Je suis bien content que nos chemins se soient croisés. On se revoient très bientôt!

  6. Thanks Pat

    I'm looking forward to many more years of your most excellent blog and even more to meeting up with you so we can talk far into the night about all things Mod.

    Best wishes for your continued and well deserved success.


  7. Je suis un mois (ou presque) en retard, mais bravo !

  8. Venant d'un auteur, c'est bien apprécié. (Vraiment)